Oh Wonder - Lose It (Jerry Folk Remix)

jue, 04 junio 2015

Jerry Folk
Oh Wonder

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Letra | Oh Wonder - Lose It (Jerry Folk Remix)

Downtown we let it go
Sunset high and our bodies low
Blood rush in the hazy glow
My hands, your bones
Loose up we break the scene
One step deep as you fall to me
Heart clap, we skip a beat
Count one two three

And don’t you stop the music
Get into it
Won't you dance with me?
Find a place and lose it
You can do it
Won't you dance with me?
Move your feet and feel it in the space between
You gotta give yourself a moment, let your body be


Your name I’ll never know
As we get down in the world below
Caught up in an overflow
My hands, your bones
Wide eyed, you look at me
Set on fire in a silver dream
Spin round you can feel the breeze
Count one, two, three


We gotta lose it (x4)


We gotta lose it (x4)


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