Spooky Black - Runaway Without You (Mt Eden remix)

lun, 16 noviembre 2015

spooky black
Mt. Eden (Official)

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Letra | Spooky Black - Runaway Without You (Mt Eden remix)

See my face when I slide through
Every place I will find you
Every time we fell apart
Girl I see it in the scars
Baby hold my hand, let me be your man
Let me take you away from the cold
Baby be my diamonds and gold
Wander through the dead with you caught up in my head
Thinkin I'mma flip and fill my brain with lead
I'mma end my life without you
Baby let's just see what this counts to
I'm not so perfect baby yeah you worth it, come right here
Girl let me see you work it
Now we closin curtains, come right here


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