Quinn - Another Day In Paradise

Seg, 10 Agosto 2015


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Letra | Quinn - Another Day In Paradise

Her body is gold like September
She burns through the night like an ember
And all those things we tried forgetting I remember
But we say we all fine we all fine
Sunny day dreams and we up now
Vodka lemonade I serve it up in it goes down
75 degrees and a dope sound
All you need to live fine to live fine
A little sunshine cause she needed it
A dose of rainfall in the evening
The waves crash down and we feel them
Said here’s to the night we steal them
And I be running cause I figured out
The more I slow down the less I get out
And if we fall lets be strong now
Moving along we don’t mind we don’t mind

All the good, comes in waves
I bide my time by the ocean
And at night, I’m awake
To feel the wake of your motion
And I want something that’s feeling alright
Loose cannon but still it won’t fire
No need to leave, spend our whole lives
Another day in paradise

And I be gone till November
And going though the letters that I send her
And thinking about the moment that I met her
I’ll be back in due time in due time
Touchdown throw off my own two shoes
Still the same city I be used to
And all the reckless things that we do
Keep us young, they're good signs they're good signs

Take a little more if you need it
Voices of the night won’t mislead it
The tide pulls me in but it takes slow
So here’s to the nights we let go
And I’m hoping that they figure out
It’s all about the scenery along the route
No fears and no problems
These moments are so kind, so kind


I don’t need what I’ve sowed
I just need something good
And I know when we’re old
We’ll look back and say “some
Mistakes we made, they made us who we are
These games we played they got us really far"
That shit to most won’t ever mean a thing
But it got us here, so I hold on



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