Voia - Almost Human (GonZealous Remix)

Qui, 09 Junho 2016


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Letra | Voia - Almost Human (GonZealous Remix)

[Verse 1]
I wish that we could wake and see
The city sky before the sun’s up;
It’s early but you’re here with me,
On the other end of my camera;
Across the ocean looking back,
2 thousand miles to my window,
Feels like we’re living in the past,
But with our best to follow;
Walk ourselves home by LED,
But we’re still sleeping with the light on;
Slip into electricity
Where our roads finally cross;
We go forever in the day,
With all the messages we’re sending,
But we have never found a way
To find where this all began.

When the walls crumble around,
And all our dreams are falling down,
Pick up the pieces that we found
And build ourselves back again;
As I try to let you in,
We will be emptied from within;
The seasons change- we shed our skin,
Until we’re almost human.

[Verse 2]
I knew a place for you and me,
Where we can hide out when it gets cold;
But in our own reality,
We write the stories we’re told;
We lock ourselves inside our screen,
Stay up all night until the dawn hits;
Lose our hearts in the space between
The glass and our fingertips.




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