Yavor & Mey - Illuminate

Sex, 06 Março 2015


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Letra | Yavor & Mey - Illuminate

You’re moving close and turn your voice real low
I drink a bit and let my feelings show
Your hand’s around me, baby let’s just go
We’ll set this place on love

You surely knew that I would just say yes
Your eyes are so much seeking to undress
And all I want tonight is to caress
You set my mind on love

You make me do things I can’t explain
Feels like a whisper in the pouring rain
I count the days before we meet again
And set your mind on love

I fall for every little thing you do
It’s how you look at me that turns my groove
And if I spend with you a night or two
You’ll set my mind on love

Baby, baby, your drive me crazy
Don’t know what’s happening here
Love me fancy, play it lazy
Till all lights disappear

We found the perfect universe to share
My heart is beating like a marching snare
There’s hardly anything I wouldn’t dare
To set your mind on love

When I think of you I want to dance
My every thought is making love romance
And I ain’t leaving this to second chance
Let’s set the night on love


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