Bloom Line ft. Daysi - Sink Or Swim

Published on March 04, 2019

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I guess it’s just something about you, makes me wonder why i’m here again
I wanna be around you, but i’m done with all the games you play
When i’m looking at you, oh, your eyes are like a hurricane
I try to understand you but i’m lost in every word you say

I think there’s something in the water
I'm scared
But i’m not coming out, not coming out
I’ll come out when i’m ready but
For now it’s sink or swim
I think i’m running out, i’m running out
I’m running out of time

Oh you wanna hold me, i’m a lion in your capture
I think you just want to control me
With the reigns in which you’ve mastered
And now you claim you know me, break me down into a fracture
But I think that’s it’s below me,
Won’t succumb to your rapture