Darby & Haneri - Fave Sound

Published on September 04, 2021

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Looking from the inside out
Trying to decide who I’ve become
And nothing’s gonna stop me now
Giving up the girl I knew I was

(N) come a little closer
Don’t stop
Cuz I’m only getting better
I think I finally see
who I wanna be

Eyes opened wide
Memories unkind
I’ll find the side
That’s my favourite

Learning how to catch my breath
I won’t be afraid now that I’m here
And further’s all I’ll ever get
I might be afraid but never fear

The future’s getting brighter
And I have faith
that we’re more than getting by yeah
Can’t you see
I’m where I need to be

Eyes opened wide
I will be kind
To find the side
That’s my favourite

I won’t take me down no more