Dialock - Lilaconic (ft. Emerii)

Published on October 21, 2017


Take a trip, if you will
Choke on smoke or happy pills
A little something to make you ill
There isn't harm in trying

Run and jump the yellow boat
No Life jackets, we can float
When we've got things like medicines
A life for living like we're kings
Swimming through the clouds at night
Flying in a sea of light
A topsy turvy world is here
And all from breathing in your fear

Unreal is this thing we're feeling
We're so young but we're so endearing
Filling up our heads with non-living
it's electrifying!
Take a turn for the worst
Falling off as we rehearsed
It's so unreal, material
It's all for fun cos we've got time to kill

You know you are a thing of beauty
A lovely story of hope and glory
But society can take a hit.
A little time with it, come on and get to grips
It's so pointless another day alive
I'm sick and tired, I need to get that fired up
Back once again
I raise it up, the happy rainbow pen

Flowing through my veins I'm feeling
A rush but it's so endearing
Filling up my brain with euphoria
So we start a fire!
Watch it burn like ashes in a furnace
Catch your breath almost like we rehearsed
Don't reveal the things you've done
It's killing us, cos we've got time for fun!

It's all for fun
Cause we've got time to kill