Eventide - Cinematic (feat. Ivan B) (w/ lyrics)

Sun, 19 February 2017



Lyrics | Eventide - Cinematic (feat. Ivan B) (w/ lyrics)

(First Verse)
I woke up with another siren in my mind
I can't decide if I was dreaming or alive
There's something circling the water where I'm swimming
Smoking weed is telling me the demon isn't winning
But, girl imma tell you what's next
I could play the role-filler if you really want that
I could be the one
That you gonna want to want back
Even if I read into it deep I got the combat ready on lock for ya
I'm watching all the clocks but the tock of the ticking hand stop for ya
I'll write the plot for ya
But won't implement an ending
My eyes are realizing what I'm witnessing is tempting but
Lemme recollect myself first
My lids are droppin low like that DG's self worth
I'm only under 20 gotta learn how health works
Maybe when I do then she'll cast me

I could play the role
Cinematic and she knows
She could prolly cast whoever but
Give me the lead and we'll last together

(Second Verse- Ivan B.)
Trust issues she got
Only sippin' Ciroque
Spent more than she make
Now she doesn't like what she bought
Stressin' over the luxurious things
But all the diamonds in the world doesn't make up a queen
Called me 19 times tonight don't tell me your fine
You got a beautiful smile
What a perfect disguise
Said you got to pay rent
And the money ain't on time
And your man just left
Didn't leave a dollar sign well
You know I'm on it I got it on what you need
You say your life is a movie
I guess you needing a lead
And I could play the part, steal your heart, wait and you'll see
So tell me girl who finna fit the part better than me?
Louis Lane I'm your Super Man
Promise I'm the better man
Hand in hand together we're better than anybody and
Things happen is the only way to word it
Nothings made perfect every moment make her worth it


(Third Verse)
So take me somewhere cool
Places only we know
Gotta get my time
Before she call up Tarentino
And end up in a theater on a screen in a casino
in a double 0, 7 scene like holy toledo... am I dreamin' or nah?
I need a totem just to show em that I'm real come on
Now I know
That you thinking bout us both
And wherever it goes
I'll be ready on my toes yeeeah