William Bolton - Fading

Sat, 23 January 2016



Lyrics | William Bolton - Fading

[Verse 1]
It's 4 AM, you're calling again
So why can't we be friends?
The cycle never ends oh oh
And i can taste the alcohol
Knowing that you don't care at all
Telling me that you're still in love
That's when i say goodbye
But i hate goodbyes
Always seem to fake you by surprise
Cause people comin' in and out your life
Never get the chance to realize
It's way too cold for mid july
Chilling by myself and getting high
Don't know why i feel so low woah oh woah
You hurt me more than you could know

2x [Chorus]
Baby you drive me crazy
The only thing i think about lately
Is how i'm slowly fading fading fading

[Verse 2]
Girl, you got me fading
Yeah, i ain't even playing
I know that i'd be drunk
And probably should have said this
But i don't love you no more
Felt so good when i closed that door
I never knew that we'd get this far
I never knew that it'd be this hard
But everything it has to fall apart

4x [Chorus]


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